Bee & Flower soaps

If you live and shop near any Chinatown, you may have already helped yourself to the charming little soaps by Bee & Flower. These morsels of joy can be had for way less than a dollar, and if you find them in your vicinity and happen to have a few shekels on hand, pick up a few.


Bee & Flower soaps are made in China, decorated in charming wrappings that are certainly more than called for to adorn a rather inexpensive bar of soap. They catch your eye as exotic and grabable. They come in a variety of scents: Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Bouquet and Ginseng, that I have seen. They’re $.99 on Vitacost and twelve for $12.45 on Amazon. If you’re in New York City, Pearl River is the place, a four-pack is $1.95.


Bee & Flower is made to be perceived easily by your olfactory glands – they’re strong. Put one in your bathroom and every once in a while you’ll get a good waft. The soap is saying, “Hello!” If you’re sensitive to scents, they might not be for you.

Best of all, the lather is rich and creamy, making for a really pleasant hand washing experience.


Happy hunting . . . Anne